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Le premier journal de l’aéronautique hebdomadaire dans le monde

Fondé en Janvier 1909

Fondateur et éditeur : Stanley Spooner

Un journal dédié aux intérêts, à la pratique et aux progrès des déplacements et des transports aériens


Tous les articles parlant de Jean ASSOLLANT au cours de l’année 1929.


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FLIGHT - 3 janvier 1922    3 janvier 1929


French air crash : A french commercial machine, flying on the Paris- Constantinople service, crashed in a fog and caught fire near Chalons-sur-Marne, on December 31. The pilot, M. Assolant, was only slightly injured. The machine carried no passengers. The freight was destroyed...



FLIGHT - 6 juin 1929   9 mai 1929


Another atantic fligt planned : ... Lotti, Jr., the backer of the flight, who embarked on the United States liner President Roosevelt at Cherbourg recently en route to New York to supervise final preparations. He was accompanied by Jean Assolant, a well-known French pilot, who will pilot the L'Oiseau Canari during the flight. This monoplane, which has been so named on account of its bright yellow colour, was shipped to the United State...



Thumbnail preview of 1929 - 1176.pdf    6 juin 1929


Atlantic flights : Two attempts to start an Atlantic flight from Old Orchard, Maine, on May 29, failed. The French machine,Bernard monoplane (Hispano-Suiza engine) flown by M. Lefevre and M. Assolant, took off successfully, but a petrolleak was discovered in a few moments and after dumping their large volume of petrol into the sea, the pilots landed. The American monoplane a Bellanca (Hispano Suiza)...



Thumbnail preview of 1929 - 1289.pdf    20 juin 1929


Latest .atlantic flight : Three french airmen, plus a stowaway nuisance, flew the Atlantic from west to east on June 13-14 in a Bernard monoplane fitted with a single 600-h.p. Hispano Suiza engine.The pilot was M. Jean Assolant, the navigator, M. Rene Lefevre, and the wireless operator, M. Ameno Lotti, jun. Their machine, named the Yellow Bird, left Old Orchard, Maine, on June 13, and landed 30 hours later at Santander...



Thumbnail preview of 1929 - 1291.pdf   20 juin 1929 (Publicité)



At 3.10 p.m. on June 13th, the "YELLOW BIRD," piloted by JEAN ASSOLANT and navigated by RENE LEFEVRE (Wireless Operator : Bernard Lotti, Jr.), left Old Orchard, MAINE, U.S.A., and landed at SANTANDER, Spain, at 8 p.m., June 14th. 3,56O Miles in 28 hours 50 minutes...



Thumbnail preview of 1929 - 1302.pdf   20 juin 1929



Tthe twenty-five years' old French airman, M. Assolant, who, with his companions, last week flew the Atlantic in the " Yellow Bird," has quite outdone Hollywood in matrimonial eccentricities and hustle honeymoons. Married only a few days before, he was away gy air back to France - minus his newly-acquired wife.



Thumbnail preview of 1929 - 1364.pdf   27 juin 1929



The french Bernard monoplane, fitted with the Hispano-Suiza engine, which crossed the Atlantic on June 13-14 piloted by M. Jean Assolant, the French pilot, also bromght a success for the Scintilla magneto.



Thumbnail preview of 1929-1 - 0264.pdf   11 juillet 1929


French military air display

An air display was given on july 7 by the French 34th Regiment of Aviation. Many types of military machines were on view, and every phase of military aviation was exhibited. Decorations were presented during the afternoon by Col. Assolant to the French airmen, who recently flew the Atlantic in the Bernard monoplane, one of whom was his son. This air display took place at Le Bourget.



Thumbnail preview of 1929-1 - 0732.pdf   8 août 1929



Just a few of the aero instruments and accessories exhibited by Marabini Aviation, Paris. The compass used by Rene Lefevre, J. Assolant, and A. Lotti for their Atlantic flight is seen on the left.





Thumbnail preview of 1929-1 - 0767.pdf   15 août 1929


French airmen honoured by Spain

At the Madrid Aero Club a banquet was recently given in honour of the French airmen, MM. Assolant, Lefevre and Lotti, who flew from America to Spain in June this year.





Thumbnail preview of 1929-1 - 1031.pdf   6 septembre 1929


The Yellow Bird's tour

MM. Assolant and Lefevre, who have been making a European tour in the Yellow Bird, returned to France last Saturday, August 31.






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